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By using this website ( , you agree to the Terms & Conditions which are written in the Website Policy. , Please do not use this site if you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions.


For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

  1. Customer: Any person who has agreed to these Membership Rules and who accesses TUCK
  2. Member: Any Customer who has successfully registered on TUCK ( For the avoidance of doubt, Members are also Customers.
  3. TUCK :  owned by Richoco Pte Ltd
  4. Site: The website of the mall operated by TUCK 
  5. Services: The services provided by TUCK to Customers and Members through the Site as described below. Services will be updated from time to time at TUCK’s discretion.
  6. Transaction: Any activity undertaken by a Customer through the Site such as online shopping.
  7. These Rules and Other Rules: These Terms and Conditions and other regulations and guidelines as determined by TUCK. 
  8. Member Data: The information provided by TUCK Members as well as historical data regarding Transactions (Including the information collected pursuant to Suspension and cancellation of Membership).

Use of Service 

A Customer may use the services available on TUCK based on these terms and conditions. Customers must also agree to any additional conditions or instructions required to use the Services. Customers may be required to register as Members to be able to use some Services provided by TUCK. All Members acknowledge and agree that from time to time TUCK may add important features and affiliate programmes and all Members will be subject to their terms and conditions in order to be able to participate in such features or programmes.

Member Registration 

Any person who has agreed to the rules will be granted membership upon successful completion of the registration procedure determined by TUCK. Registration through an agent or third party is not allowed. TUCK reserves the right to refuse membership to those whose membership has been revoked in the past or who for whatever reason shall be deemed by TUCK to be ineligible for membership. 

Any person who wishes to register for membership must attain the age of majority as define in Singapore laws.

Member Obligations 

Members agree to maintain user ID and password without disclosing it to any third party and are responsible for taking the necessary steps such as changing their password on a regular basis. Upon confirmation that the user ID and password entered match those which have been submitted by Members, TUCK will assume that access has been requested by the Member and does not assume any losses arising from the use of the user ID and password by any unauthorized users for any reason.

Amending Registered Information

 If there are changes to the information listed, the Member concerned must immediately update such information on the Site. TUCK is not responsible for losses incurred due to failure of Members to update registration information. Every Transaction completed before amendments to the registration information will be based on the information previously provided by the Member.

Cancellation of Membership 

Members who intend to cancel their membership can contact us at [email protected]. Upon received your email to cancel their membership, we will process and delete your data held in our system immediately.


  1. Product Image
    Product images used on this site are a representation of a product and for illustration purpose only and are not indicative of the product you may receive. Material on this website is for personal, non-commercial use only and should not be used, copied, emailed, reproduced or republished without TUCK consent. 
  2. Ingredients & Allergens
    Because of the large numbers of products listed on the website and the number of suppliers we use, we cannot guarantee that the products listed are free from traces of nuts, gelatin, cocoa powder and etc.  If you require specific information about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to assist.  
    The product ingredients shown on this site are provided as a guideline only to help you make your purchasing decision. TUCK accepts no liability for any incorrect information.
    TUCK does not accept any responsibility for any allergic reaction. 
  3. Out of stock products
    We are trying our best to ensure a continuous supply of stock, however in the unlikely event of an item being out of stock, the order will be on hold if a delivery is due within a few days and then ship the entire order. If you wish to cancel the order due to this reason, please contact by phone or email and this information will be found at "Contact Us" in the website.
  4. Hot Weather delivery
    As Chocolate has a very low melting point, we cannot guarantee that in extreme hot weather, the product will reach you in its optimal condition.  This is not a product defect and as such we are unable to replace products which have melted in transit.
  5. TUCK does not warrant that the contents of electronic mail from the Site Are free of computer viruses or damaging elements.
  6. TUCK will not be liable for losses caused by violation of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

Promotional Material 

We may send out newsletters or sales promotions to the addresses on our customer listings. However, if you do not wish to receive promotional material through our Newsletter or via email, please do not click the option "newsletter" during the registration process.


When using services, Customer agrees not to:

  1. violate the laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to these Terms & Conditions;
  2. act in a way that is detrimental to the rights, interests or reputation of TUCK or relevant third parties;
  3. engage in activities that can lead to mental or physical disorders in children, or violate public order and morals;
  4. engage in activities that may cause interference or hurt the feelings of other users or third parties;
  5. provide false information;
  6. send viruses, malware, or any other type of electronic damage through computer programmes or email messages;
  7. access the TUCK’s server in a non-authorized way; or
  8. Lend or give the user ID and password to a third party or use it together with a third party. 

TUCK reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service to any Customer who breaches or is reasonably suspected to be in breach of the above prohibitions. 

Suspension and cancellation of Membership 

TUCK reserves the right to suspend use of services of a specific Member or cancel the membership without prior notice if any of the following occurs. TUCK is not responsible for any loss suffered by the Member for such a cancellation or suspension of the membership caused by the following:

  1. The violation of any law or regulation or these terms and conditions;
  2. Misuse of the Service by Members;
  3. Whenever the security measures of the Service determine that a wrong password has been entered too many times, in order to protect the account of the Member;
  4. In other circumstances where TUCK considers that such action is necessary. 

Payment and Security 

TUCK currently uses PayPal as our third party payment gateway provider. TUCK do not store any of member payment information, including credit card information.

Changes of these Terms and Conditions 

TUCK may revise any or all of these rules at any time. When a revision or addition is made to these Terms and Conditions, such revisions or additions will become effective once they are displayed on the Site. Customer agrees to comply with all revised and additional regulations.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction Courts 

These rules are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Singapore. All Customers acknowledge and agree that all disputes arising from or in connection with the Services will be exclusively resolved through the Courts of Singapore. 

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