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OLAF Business

OLAF Business with a suitcase, for the business traveler always on the move. With an instant pedal transformation system (patented folding system), you can safely and easily transform your OLAF Business from a carry-on suitcase to a trolley or a three-wheeled kick scooter within seconds. The suitcase design follows our company’s general approach – a distinct combination of function and innovative design. The OLAF Business is made with airline size and weight restrictions in mind, which allows you to carry it with you on the plane as a carry-on item. When arriving at your destination, you can fold your OLAF into a carry-on or simply use it as a trolley. The twin telescopic handlebar allows OLAF to be folded into a 1-inch thick platform, keeping its weight and volume to a minimum and maximizing the space for your belongings.
S$ 430.00

Olaf Harness System

Specially designed harness straps will allow you to fix and use your own bag, grocery bag or load of your own choice.
S$ 25.00

OLAF Urban

A 4-in-1 unique solution that incorporates a removable ergonomically-designed backpack, sturdy trolley, a steerable kick-scooter, and a wooden skateboard. The best riding experience is based on a wooden platform and cleverly designed steering system with a special high carbon front axis that absorbs road bumps. The advanced steering system allows sharp turns while still handling great speeds. The patented folding mechanism was adapted from the OLAF Business model, which allows you to easily switch from trolley to kick-scooter with just your foot, without any bending. It also has an additional lever for better support when OLAF is in a vertical position or used as a trolley. Instead of a suitcase, OLAF Urban has a multipurpose backpack attached to the front of the kick scooter. It can also be easily removed, allowing for the kick scooter and the backpack to be used separately. There are reflective material patches (for night visibility) and wheel pockets added.
S$ 380.00

OLAF urban without backpack

Multifunctional foldable scooter; a 3-in-1 unique scooter that transforms instantly from a sturdy trolley, a steerable kick-scooter, and a wooden skateboard.
S$ 350.00

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